France Thinking of Giving “Sexist” Games Labeling

Do you live in France? Prepare to have games restricted for “sexism”, if certain politicians have their way. An amendment to a recently passed legislation that recognized e-sports as official sports as well as enforcing net neutrality could come with a pretty big catch. Games that are erroneously dubbed “against women”, will be rated 18+ in the country, along with the games losing its ability to be advertised during prime-time TV hours. If the game doesn’t have the label, it will also receive financial aid from the government. As stated by Heat St:

“The government sees it as a way to distinguish games that have a positive representation of women from those that don’t— and games given the feminist stamp of approval would receive financial aid from the government.”

The person behind this is one Axelle Lemaire, the Minister for Digital Affairs in France. She was apparently inspired by Anita Sarkessian, the controversial feminist con-artist games critic, to write this amendment.

However, there is a very high chance this amendment won’t make it to vote. The amendment is still being written, and she tried a similar tactic before (removing tax breaks from “sexist” games) with no success.

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Matthew Sigler


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