Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft to Enforce Insane “Hate Speech” Rules

In a move that is sadly not shocking to anyone who is an advocate for free speech and open discussion, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have been coaxed into agreeing to abide by the insane EU hate speech laws that threaten to jail those who criticize Islam, Feminists, or any other “Social Issue”. Of course this is being pushed mostly by Germany, a country with such a toxic authoritarian left government and media that they covered up rapes by refugees, jailing citizens up to 5 years for “insulting” someone, and pushed to jail a comedian for calling the Turkish President a “[…]professional idiot.” And the pledge to do it within 24 hours.

Many regressive left media outlets are going out of their way to back said decisions, such as The Verge:

The crisis has sparked a xenophobic backlash from far-right nationalist groups on social media, and German officials and web users have criticized web companies for not doing more to curb hateful speech.

Stating that the “crisis” is what has created this “xenophobic backlash” and not the actions of the people flooding in is extremely intellectually dishonest. This is magnified when you look at just how poorly companies like Facebook have handled Islamic Terrorists and ISIS, becoming infuriating when you read about how they refused to remove a pro ISIS Facebook page until Washington Times posted about it back in 2014, but in the same time frame takes down and bans people from criticizing Islam or “offending the Prophet Muhammad”.

Simply we can not trust these companies to allow us to speak free. You have Google Promoting a Black Nationalist who Admired Osama Bin Laden while at the same time being investigated by the FTC, Facebook having a hand in a Scottish man being arrested for making a joke video about his girlfriend’s dog being a Nazi while the US Senate CCST begins investigating Facebook for conservative censorship, and Twitter hiring an ex Chinese government official who is speculated as to have a hand in developing software for online speech control.

This has the very real potential to bleed over into all aspects of online discussion, making talk of politically visceral subject matter in games, movies, music, and art an endless mine field, turning them stagnate. In reality, if they wanted any of this to get better they should follow some simple advice by one Milo Yiannopoulos:

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The best way to deal with people you don’t agree with, whether they are conservative or progressives, is the full glare of the spotlight.

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