New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Drops, Literally Everyone Hates It

Comcept’s kickstarter scam game Mighty No. 9 is quickly approaching its third release date. To promote the game, a new trailer has been released. You can see it above, as the featured video.

The trailer has been heavily criticized online, with over twenty thousand dislikes on the original upload. Besides the common criticism of the game’s delays and the way the game looks, special scrutiny has been placed on the narration in the video. Some gems are:

Do you like awesome things that are awesome?

Awesome! How awesome is that! I love awesome stuff! How awesome!

[Mighty No. 9] is frickin’ cool and crazy addictive. Like, popping bubble wrap addictive!

Except I don’t wait years for bubble wrap, and it costs a LOT less.

See, that’s your dash move. There’s a short dash, a long dash, jump dash, spiral, slide, there’s probably a dash that makes you breakfast, I don’t know!

Learn how to meme good, Inafune.

You kill an enemy, and you can absorb their power ups. Stuff that’ll make you faster and stronger and make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night.

Most of the criticism towards the trailer has been because of the bolded part of the last quote, because of the fact that much of the fanbase who supported Mighty No. 9 were, in fact, anime fans.

This controversy spread to the point where the Sonic the Hedgehog twitter even chimed in:

Later on, the offical twitter for DiGorno’s Pizza replied to the tweet, saying:

@sonic_hedgehog You’re the fresh-baked pizza of gaming while the other side is delayed delivery pizza.

It seems that even the development team itself was mad about the trailer. Takuya Aizu, CEO of Mighty No. 9 developer Inti Creates, tweeted this:

What the hell was D * * il ** * [Deep Silver, the Publisher] thinking making a crappy PV [Trailer] like this? Unforgivable.

Mighty No. 9 launched June 21st for all major platforms besides 3DS and Vita, which will receive the game at a later date.

Matthew Sigler


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