Let’s Talk About A Specific Nerd

I’m looking at you “Angry Video Game Nerd”, and I have a few words I want to say about you. Your recent refusal to review the new “GhostBusters” movie has gone viral. Everyone and their mother wrote an article about their dislike or praise of your choice. So, I am going to throw in my two cents, seeing as how your decision has become a hot sticky political quandary.

How dare you. How dare you tell your audience every bias you would have had going into that movie and tell everyone you felt you were likely going to hate it? How dare you tell your audience that if you had seen and reviewed the movie there was a strong chance you would not be giving it a fair shake? How dare you tell your audience you were going to make a personal decision to not see the movie? How dare you do something that an ethical and upstanding professional reviewer of any product should do, by informing your audience of your bias and recusing yourself from a review you don’t believe you can take a neutral stance on.

The Horrible “Sexist” Non-Review In Question

I am disappointed in you though Nerd, I have been a fan of yours for a long time and was hoping you would review this movie when it came out on DVD alongside the Nostalgia Critic in a crossover review so you could both tear into it. Seriously, this seems like a missed opportunity if you decide against giving it any attention at all. You have already done your ethical reviewer duty and informed your audience of your bias against it, why not see it and tear it apart if it does end up being bad. It isn’t like anyone can accuse you of being biased against it when you already disclosed that you would.

Sometimes I wish I Was This Nerdy… Wait, No. I Wish I Had Better Recording Equipment And Editing Software

I honestly would have fewer issues with video games journalism, movie review journalism, really any form of entertainment journalism if the reviewers in question would be more up front. If they are hating on the product due to not liking violence, or sexiness, or the war setting I want to know. If more reviewers and journalists were like you and disclosed a bias up front with their audiences we might have more quality gaming journalism these days. Though that would make things less controversial, people probably wouldn’t pay as much attention to a review for a movie they thought looked interesting that had a lot of violence and action if the reviewer stated up front they hate action movies with lots of violence in it.

See reviewers like you, Nostalgia Critic, Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation? You are examples of how games journalism and movie journalism ought to be. Reviewers who have a clear bias, going into movies and video games mostly expecting to hate them, not really giving a score but pointing out all their faults. I can’t tell you how much I hate and yet love your review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES. It was one of my favorite games growing up as a kid, but yet I see exactly why you had issues with the parts of the game you didn’t like.

That Feeling When You Realize You Could Just Walk Over That Gap

More troubling though is this backlash against your want to not review the new “GhostBusters” movie. This is utter insanity. The accusations of sexism? The accusation that you aren’t doing your job if you don’t see this movie? That is absolute madness. You did your job by informing people why you didn’t want to see it, why you thought you wouldn’t like it, and told your audience why you felt it wasn’t worth your time. Yet this has become all political because one person chooses not to review one movie just because you happen to have a certain “status” in the reviewer world? This is madness.

What is the world coming to when reviewers are being publicly shamed for refusing to review something? Regardless of what their reason was for not reviewing it, their view of the movie literally counts for nothing in the world of professional reviews. Have we really entered come to a point in the world where we have to shame reviewers for not liking how a movie looks based off the trailer as an attack vector on their character? I could hardly fault critique on a reviewer for doing a poor job reviewing something. In fact, I did just that here. Why make baseless personal attacks on someone’s character for choosing not to see a movie because of their nostalgia for the older movie? Especially when they believe it will have an impact on their enjoyment of the film?

Maybe It Just Won’t Be Any Good?

Or is it that the “Angry Video Game Nerd” as a gaming and geek culture “Celebrity Icon” has a status so great that his decision not to see a movie has more weight than giving it a terrible review score despite his own stated bias. If there is no word from the nerd does it make it worse than a turd?

I think I like that. No word from the nerd means it’s worse than a turd.

Disclosure: I am a fan of the “Angry Video Game Nerd”

Joshua Wiitala


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