ReCap: Games Media Try/Fail This Week to Thought Police Minecraft’s Creator

In the last ten years, thoughts and ideas have become the controlled substances of social and commercial media with truths being akin to slamming black tar heroin in the back of a busted pickup truck. We have come to live in a weird world of thought police, flash mobs high on virtue signalling, and the indulgence of delusions; no one knows this better then Markus “Notch” Persson, the Swedish video game developer behind the company Mojang, creators of Minecraft, which he ultimately sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

When Notch is not chilling in his $70 million home in Beverly Hills (I am just down the block bro let me do an interview), creating games, being harassed for money by less talented people, he is on twitter engaging/pissing off the masses.

Saturday seemed to be more focused on the latter when Notch engaged with Jennifer Scheurle, a “German Game Designer living in Sydney” as stated by her Twitter when she posted her opinion about the term “mansplaining”.

The thread, which is still active 4 days later, has thousands of comments, dividing in to sub threads and rebuttals from all sides, mostly thanks to Notchs high Twitter follower engagement. Many users like Melissa Jane replied with humor:

If feminists can use “mansplaining” then men should use “womanwhining” as a retort.

Others like Harriet, a self described vegan feminist replied with the o so insightful;

Lol @ the irony of this guy #mansplaining what #mansplaining is. Sit down n shut up

Which prompted possibly one of the best reply threads on twitter:

Will Smith GIF reaction indeed Kyler.

And some users replied with confusing images of women drinking out of “Male Tears” cups (which is especially great since they don’t seem to realize what it means).

It seems that through the following actions, Notch may have slightly pissed off the regressive left, feminist, and games media as many “prominent” outlets jumped to the signal with their virtue flares high into the air so they could start #Journosplaining to the unwashed heathen masses. Vice’s “Video Games Editor” Mike Diver posted an article titled “Where Were You When the Man Who Made ‘Minecraft’ Had a Mansplaining Meltdown?” Besides the one out of ten bait that this title exudes, the article is so far up its own ass and condescending it uses phrases out of the “Rich Kid at Law School” handbook like

This guy. He really doesn’t get it, does he?

Sad part is, this article is actually more intellectually honest about their ideas then Gaming site Destructoid’s Steven Hansen and clickbait garbage site Point&Clickbait’s Tim Colwill who sport titles like “Minecraft billionaire feels oppressed by women” and “Minecraft Creator Builds Elaborate Fantasy World Where He Is Oppressed By Women” respectively; both of which extremely dishonest, as Notch never once stated anything close to this in nature. Frankly I expect more from Destructoid staff. (Full Disclosure: I have done a small amount of work for Destructoid in the past, also cocks.)

By far the worst offender is We Hunted The Mammoth’s David Futrelle, who put the equivalent of visual diarrhea all over the internet with his titled piece, “MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word”. That c-word is cunt, Futrelle, don’t act like an old white women on CNN and saying “the n-word” as if we all don’t know what she said. It makes you look like a 40 year old “c-word”.

While there were many more to come out of the wood work in a chance to get some of those sweet, sweet victim bucks, the internet masses actually took a minute to be logical, the unicorn of actions for the internet, and pushed back. The onslaught of articles is reminiscent of what happened when the hashtag GamerGate started, causing a lasting backlash that to this day has not died, even when things like it are being censored on social media. It becomes worse when it’s obvious you are lying to make a headline.

At the end of the day, none of these people’s huffing and puffing did anything but signal boost Notch’s original statement while simultaneously pushing people further away from the content driven sites that have been publishing this rhetoric in the last year. Destructoid is at a 6 month traffic low, and We Hunted The Mammoth has also fallen among its core readers. This leaves Point&Clickbait as well as Vice to hold steady through their complex Google search aggregator coupled with your annoying friends that post nothing but Buzzfeed like lists and cat photos on Facebook. As for Notch’s own standing?

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