RogueStar Finally Releases FleetCOMM, Isn’t Finished

Controversial game developer Slade Villena, also known as RogueStar, has finally released his space shooter FleetCOMM after over four years of development. However, even more criticism has been leveled at FleetCOMM by some parts of the gaming community because of the fact that despite it not being launched as an Early Access game, the only part of the game currently available is the first eight tutorial levels. Because of this, the game only has a 27% positive review rating on Steam and is being criticized heavily on twitter. For an overview of the game’s criticism, Steam user Eligible Husbando #1 said this in their Steam review of the game:

Fleetcomm in its current state consists of only 8 “tutorial” missions designed to get you acquainted with the game’s controls. The actual game chapters are going to be released at a later date (hopefully for free), with the first scheduled for May 30, if it isn’t delayed.
KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR TUTORIAL MISSIONS WITH NO GUARANTEE OF RECEIVING A FULL GAME. […] [It’s] Really not a very good experience, and nowhere close to a “complete” one. This is essentially an early access game without the early access label, and a bad one at that. Don’t spend your money on this rubbish. And the worst part of it all? It’s the result of 4 years of “work” and over $37,000 in public donations. What an absolute joke.

This is not Slade and FleetCOMM’s first controversy. The development team has been criticized for the long delay in release, along with some of the developer’s actions within the consumer movement GamerGate.

While we have requested comment from both Slade Villena and from FleetCOMM’s official twitter accounts, and we have not received any response.

Matthew Sigler


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