Ubisoft Opens Tiered Pre-Orders for AC Movie Seven Months Before Release

In true Ubisoft fashion, you can now pre-order tickets for the Assassin’s Creed film; coming out in December. Continuing the theme of unliked business tactics, Ubisoft will also be making the ticket pre-orders available in tiers, from 15 dollars all the way to One Thousand Two Hundred dollars. While this only became widely known with the release of the first trailer, (Editor’s Note: What is this music? Why are you unironically using one of Kanye West’s worst tracks for your movie trailer?) the pre-orders have been up since at least March, over 2 months before the first trailer. While all of these tiers come with a ticket to the film and a digital copy of the script, each tier includes a more extravagent bonus. For example, for twenty-five dollars you can get a ticket with a T-Shirt, while for One-Hundred and Twenty dollars you can get a hoodie based off of Michael Fassbender’s outfit in the film. These all go up in price and scale until you reach the top-tier: a one thousand, two hundred dollar replica of a crossbow used in the film. While to most this may seem over-the-top, Ubisoft has become well known for having multiple limited editions of the Assassin’s Creed games with their own bonuses.

The move has been criticized on social media, with Twitter user @StooFooHD saying:

The Assassin’s Creed film has pre-order bonuses, so hopefully the movie will have crippling release issues to match the full AC experience.

@Pogington also chimed in on Twitter, saying:


The new Assassin’s Creed movie has a pre-order T-shirt with ICONIC WORDS on it.

Ubisoft pls

We’ll update the story with any new info as it develops.

Matthew Sigler


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