Stop Donald Trump PAC Proves Internet Incompetence, Call Themselves Cucks

In one of the most incompetent and polarizing actions taken by any political action committee since their inception, the Stop Donald Trump PAC took too Twitter to spread their message of Internet illiteracy by proudly declaring to the world that they like to have their wives savagely ravaged by strangers. This is not a joke.

For those that don’t know, we will save you the horrific google search and explain. Cuck has two meanings; a sexual one and shakespearean. The Sexual one, as described above, is usually perpetrated by a bull(a well endowed African American) while the second refers to the term Cuckold from Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

An empire is only as strong and honorable as its leader. Claudius is weak. We are aware of this. We’ve somehow been made a cuckold, it seems.

Ironically enough, it seems that the Stop Donald Trump PAC has the same realization of themselves, and deleted this post within the time of posting, not knowing members of media have tools like at our disposal to permanently capture this massive blunder.

Normally, this would be something to laugh at, making constant ridicule of the total lack of knowledge and foresight it takes to not look up the meaning of a word before you use it in a campaign. A campaign that consistently attacking a presidential nominee the internet loves and respects while they tone police, pearls clutched. But this is anything but a normal circumstance. PACs usually have large amounts of money hire lobbyists who in turn make changes in those “investors” ideological favor. These are also the people who align themselves Hilary Clinton, who has used gamers and video games as scapegoats in the past and strives for censorship in the present.

These are the people with the wealth to regulate media you are consuming right now, yet they can’t comprehend using a search engine to research a word with negative condensations, before using it in an attack ad to promote themselves. The idea of these people having any say in modern politics is horrifying.

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