FTC Begins Second Investigation into Google

The Federal Trade Commission is once again questioning Googles dominance as a search engine, investigating if they are abusing their dominance of the Internet search market.

As reported by Politico it may be “[…]a sign that the agency may be taking steps to reopen an investigation it closed more than three years ago,” and just might be a response to the US Senate CCST investigation of Facebook and its possible censorship of conservative taking points while boosting unpopular political views to make them seem normative.

While the majority of the focus is to investigate Googles search bias for consumer products and site, there might me more politically driven aspects as well. The Wall Street Journal reported that during the end of the first investigation in 2013, FTC staff recommended bringing a lawsuit against for some of its more aggressive practices. It should also be noted that realistically this is all new ground for the FTC to cover, and it was not until 2015 when the Office of Technology Research and Innovation was created, that the FTC had any real means to investigate these online companies. As of now Google, who is now part of corporate entity Alphabet, has not released an official comment.

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