in 8 Year Span Goes From Mocking Jack Thompson to Being Him

Notably progressive video game publisher Ubisoft as well as video games in general came under fire this week when debatably funny “humor” site, set their site on the publisher, becoming the embodiment of disbarred attorney Jack Thompson, who was made famous for his anti video game activism along side Hillary Clinton, in which he chastised games like The Sims 2, Killer 7, and the majority of Rockstar Games’ publishings.

The site, which has been taking continually bigger steps away from gamers over the years, once published articles ridiculing personalities like Jack Thompson describing his antics and hopes as,

Ridding the world of evil things, most notably Grand Theft Auto. The game, not the theft.

Users in their comment section and Reddit have noted that the article is “inflammatory”, “ignorant”, and “has a vibe of old man yelling at clouds”. The article states may false facts like;

It’s a byproduct of real-world economic factors compounded by industry irresponsibly allowing its budgets to swell by a factor of 10 every hardware generation, even after the crash of 2008.

In reality, 2008 saw 19% growth in overall video game sales. It should also be noted that the video game industry in 2013, made twice as much money then the film industry and in 2015, Video Games made more money then film and music combined.

Note that has been losing site traffic over the last year and its hard not relate it to articles that relate potential readers as “Manboys” or making readers feel like the site is ridiculing them for there hobby when it is relating video games to “brightly colored wooden blocks”. Most of which flies in the face of ESA numbers which put the average gamer at the age of 35, with only 26% of players being under 18 years old(the calmed target demographic alluded to by while 27% of gamers are over 50. It is also important to point out that “[…]42 percent of Americans play video games regularly, or at least three hours per week.” Many of these gamers play in online communities, which runs counter to point number four in this article. As stated by the ESA:

Other key findings highlight the social nature of game play. According to the report, 56 percent of the most frequent gamers play with others and 54 percent play in multiplayer mode at least weekly. More than half of the most frequent game players say that video games help them connect with friends and about half of them say that video games enable them spend time with family.

When having a platform as large as cracked, the excuse “It’s just for comedy,” is irresponsible to say the least, especially when you do not fact check any of your points you are stating as fact, even if it is in a satirical piece.

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