Feminist Frequency YouTube Account Terminated, Revived After One Tweet

Controversial feminist analysis group Feminist Frequency has had its YouTube channel terminated under violations of the Terms of Service. However, after just one tweet, the channel was returned with no explanation, causing an uproar.

This is especially shocking because of many other well-known YouTubers such as I Hate Everything and Team Fourstar having their channels terminated under similar circumstances, with little to no reaction from YouTube itself. I Hate Everything went into more detail about how his account termination played out, and was luckily brought back after quite the headache.

While it is currently unknown why the Feminist Frequency YouTube was terminated, many are speculating that the account was terminated for the gratuitous use of Let’s Play footage without the creator’s permission.

Footage used in Tropes vs. Women compared to Longplay footage on YouTube

As of now the Youtube channel has been reinstated in full capacity, while outrage grows as fans of other YouTubers afflicted with false take downs and strikes suffer greatly because of a legitimately broken system.

Matthew Sigler


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