China Cracks Down on Banana Eating, Stockings & Suspenders on Live Streams

In a move that seems comically controversial, China cracked down on live streamers who been eating the phallic yellow fruit in a “seductive” manner as reported by BBC.

New regulations have been put in place to monitor all online steaming activity, quite the expensive endeavor, leaving anyone eating Bananas, or wearing stockings and suspenders while hosting a live stream in peril of being banned from the service.

The Communist Party does not approve of “inappropriate and erotic” material that is accessible via the web as pornographic content “harms social morality” despite the fact that it is scientifically proven that masturbation can be good for you, as reported by Chinese’s blog New Express Daily. This experience is teaching China of the Streisand Effect, as with their attempts to censor such content, it has only become more popular with the added bonus of mass social media commentary with comments ranging from “How will they police streams?” too “Can men eat bananas?” Some users even lament on the futility of such actions taken by the government, noting they should switch to Yams or Cucumbers.

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