Social Justice Backlash Kills Nominated Hugo Award Artist’s Income

Last Tuesday the internet saw one of the more prolific short comic and fan artists, Kukuruyo(NSFW) to lose his advertising, which was provided by Project Wonderful and has left a lasting scare to all fan artists who wish to monetize their hard work.

  • Disclosure: Kukuruyo is involved in chat groups in which staff participate, and staff have carried out private correspondence in relation to this story.

  • Disclosure: Gamertics as well as its affiliate sites use Perfect World to some capacity.

In order; Kukuruyo’s commission(censored), Original Ms Marvel, Ms Marvel 2014-2015

The turmoil was a three part combination:

  • Kukuruyo being a prominent comic artist who has made a number of comics in support of the core values represented by those that involve themselves in the GamerGate hashtag on twitter, criticizing those who align themselves with the more egregious and disingenuous parts of Social Justice that we have come to know who are consistently combative with gamers.

  • Kukuruyo was taking on a commission job for a Ms. Marvel erotic art piece, a character who has been depicted in many ways since March 1968. The version that was commissioned was from the MS. MARVEL (2014 – 2015) series. Ms. Marvel in this series is played by Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim character to star as the comic headliner, is first depicted as a teenage Pakistani American from New Jersey with shape-shifting ability, which drew criticism from many including Dr. Leon Moosavi of the University of Liverpool for resembling several anti-Muslim stereotypes, naming Taqiyya as an example.

  • Kukuruyo being nominated for a Hugo Award, which sparked fury and relentless attacks on him and those who enjoined his work. An example of which can be seen at Bleeding Cool which received a large amount of backlash from readers like momokomiyafuji who stated;

This is ridiculous. Anyone who believes this is a.) new or b.) scandalous has obviously never been involved with the manga/anime community. It is a fucking non-issue.

This lead to numerous individuals, to attack multiple aspects of the artist in order to try to discredit him. The one that stuck and ultimately caused a wave of changes, was the coordinated attacks on Project Wonderful, an ad placement service which is rather friendly to NSFW content, a rarity in the ad market world.

The allegation they went with was a major one and no laughing matter, child pornography. At the time when asked for comment, Kukuruyo stated;

The rule I broke supposedly is about erotica with minors and it comes from Paypal rather then PW.

He would go on to state;

I didn’t discover she’s technically 16 until I was accused, which makes everything even more ridiculous. If you can’t tell shes underage by looking at her, how the fuck is it pedophilia?

He would later explain to me that Perfect World worked out a way to disable the ad on that one page so that it would not violate the TOS of PayPal, this was before the ultimate ruling on, which was to
rewrite the TOS for Perfect World to exclude all nude 3rd party character art, which is a sizable amount of Perfect Worlds business.

Image of Perfect World’s response to Kukuruyo

Kukuruyo has since found funding via his new Patreon(NSFW) which at time of writing has been funded by 74 Patrons to the tune of $415.00. Kukuruyo has also written at length about how he personally feels about what transpired, as well as him dealing with frequent attacks because of his political views.

This is actually the kind of thing I use as example to explain SJWs(Social Justice Warriors). Critizism is just criticism, it’s ok no matter what side does it. But if you try to stop the artist from getting revenue because you don’t like what they do, you crossed the line.

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