Australian Entrepreneur Claims to be Bitcoin Creator

The worldwide gaming and tech community may have finally learned who is behind the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright has come forward to the BBC, GQ, and the Economist with his claims, attempting to prove it using a block signature (a certain segment of bitcoins) owned by the anonymous creator. Besides this, other members of the Bitcoin community have come out in support of Wright’s statements. Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, said:

I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin. I was flown to London to meet Dr. Wright a couple of weeks ago, after an initial email conversation convinced me that there was a very good chance he was the same person I’d communicated with in 2010 and early 2011. After spending time with him I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt: Craig Wright is Satoshi. Part of that time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess. But even before I witnessed the keys signed and then verified on a clean computer that could not have been tampered with, I was reasonably certain I was sitting next to the Father of Bitcoin. During our meeting, I saw the brilliant, opinionated, focused, generous – and privacy-seeking – person that matches the Satoshi I worked with six years ago. […] I am very happy to be able to say I shook his hand and thanked him for giving Bitcoin to the world.

However, not everyone is sure about Wright’s claims. Programmer Michael Marquardt made a post on /r/bitcoin, saying:

It absolutely doesn’t show that Wright is Satoshi, and it does very strongly imply that the purpose of the blog post was to deceive people.

We will update you as the story develops.

Matthew Sigler


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