USC Dev Panel Cancelled Due to Lack of Female Panelists

Last week, a highly anticipated game development panel at the University of Southern California because of concerns with the lack of female panelists. The panel, which had some big names in the industry, was cancelled hours before it was supposed to start in a Facebook post, with USC saying:

In the interest of promoting diversity and inclusion within the USC Games family, tonight’s “Legends of the Game Industry” Event […] has been canceled.

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The panel was set to include some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Infinity Ward president Dave Stohl, former Blizzard CCO Rob Pardo, Riot CEO Brandon Beck, and former Nexon America president Min Kim.

Poster Promoting the Cancelled Panel

The cancellation of the Legends of the Game Industry panel has been heavily criticized, with /u/ksheep on /r/KotakuinAction saying:

And this basically guarantees that these game industry heads will not want to attend any future events with USC. They took time out of their schedules to attend an event, only for the event to be canceled at the last minute for some completely BS reason. Great show of professionalism from the college there.

/u/Clyde_ghost also chimed in, saying:

I think this is pretty disgusting. At what point do people not understand that if they keep doing this they are going to alienate good, honest, hard working people who had been booked to be on this panel. It sickens me, really, that they don’t consider the ramifications of that over “oh, but they’re all men.”

We have reached out for comment from four of the panelists, and they have not responded.

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