Dear Esther Developer Calls CD Projeckt Red Sexist for Cyberpunk 2077 Promo

Indie development studio and notable non-Chinese developer The Chinese Room called out Witcher developers CD Project Red today on Twitter, calling their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 “sexist”.

When Gamespot posted an article on twitter, they used a quote saying that the upcoming RPG was

more ambitious than Witcher “on every single front.”

Along with this, they posted a behind the scenes image from the reveal trailer from back in 2012, shown below.

The Chinese Room Twitter account was quick to reply;

But just as sexist if that image is anything to go by…

The Chinese Room, who gets their name from the thought experiment of the same name by the philosopher John Searle, is best known for its development of walking simulator Dear Esther, as well as Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which both received very mixed reception.

Users on Twitter were also quick to comment back in similar fashion, as seen by 30Pegi:

you should really invest in the original rule book of CP2020 and see the source material

Others were quick to question the integrity of the comment as a lack of knowledge on the game and its premises as user LeadToLight alluded to:

They probably didn’t know the game was even based in anything

While others like DocBray used the opportunity to take a jab at the company as a whole:

Oh, you’re just jealous at their ability to make dozens of hours of actual gameplay.

This is not the first time someone from The Chinese Room has taken issue with CD Projeckt Red, as co-founder Dan Pinchbeck wrote an article for GamesTM a few months back relating serialized imagery of women to Nazi Propaganda, taking special note and print page space to direct comments toward The Witcher series as seen below.

Image sorced from Reddit user B-VOLLEYBALL-READY

The Chinese Room also made waves last year in a similar political fashion when Jessica Curry stepped down from her role as Co-Director, stating her reason being an on-going illness and game industry sexism. Notable concerns Curry brought up dealt heavily with the way the industry viewed her personal contributions to the projects in which she worked:

On a personal level I look back at my huge contribution to the games that we’ve made and I have had to watch Dan [Pinchbeck] get the credit time and time again.

Further pointing out instances in which general games media has committed various actions that unsettled her stating:

I’ve had journalists assuming I’m Dan’s PA, I have been referenced as ‘Dan Pinchbeck’s wife’ in articles, publishers on first meeting have automatically assumed that my producer is my boss just because he’s a man, one magazine would only feature Dan as Studio Head and wouldn’t include me. When Dan has said ‘Jess is the brains of the operation’ people have knowingly chuckled and cooed that it’s nice of a husband to be so kind about his wife. I don’t have enough paper to write down all of the indignities that I’ve faced.

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