Division Player Makes Up Glitch, Journalists Report It Anyway

Many major gaming journalist sites are being criticized today after falsely reporting on a fake exploit for the new Ubisoft game, The Division. Explaining the prank, /r/TheDivision user /u/El2mador said:

A few days ago I posted a thread about how to glitch Incursions after the hotfix – the one where you let mobs kill the APC for you. That was satire (aka. obviously fake). Around the same time I posted that fake glitch, I also reposted a legit strategy guide (since I assumed most players would like to do it legit given the previous exploits were patched). It was, for me, both an attempt at humor as well as a social experiment of sorts. I thought of something so silly, so far-fetched, which had to involve (a) falling thru the map, (b) using mobile cover. From simply reading the instructions in that post (“go watch a movie”; “magically reappear on top of the APC”) and because there was no video to back it up, anyone could guess that the glitch was fake. […] The most glaring of all was that the post I made caught the attention of numerous gaming websites – all of whom started reporting it as fact WITHOUT testing or looking for proof.

Among the sites reporting the fake glitch were IGN, GameSpot (Since Removed), Eurogamer, GameZone, and International Business Times.

Responding to the false reporting by the sites above, /u/BonyBrown commented:

I thank you for exposing the lunacy out there. I’ve also lost a lot of respect for the gaming sites that bought into it and reported it. Showed a complete lack of professionalism.

User /u/Shimond95 also replied:

With social media breaking ‘news’ before they can, they don’t have time to do actual journalism and investigation anymore. They just copy/paste what they find online.

Most of these sites have yet to update or retract their articles on this hoax, and none of them have explained why they decided to run the article without fact checking in-game.

Matthew Sigler


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