Amazon Makes Games Prime-Exclusive

Online marketplace giant Amazon is under fire after certain blockbuster games were made Amazon Prime exclusive. Yesterday morning, without any prior announcement, Amazon began the strategy with PS4 copies of GTA 5, Rainbow Six Siege, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, along with PS4 and Xbox One copies of Far Cry Primal, FIFA 16, and Battlefield Hardline. While this only affected games sold directly from Amazon, and not third-party sellers, this still can be seen as an anti-consumer move, forcing gamers to pay 99$ a year just to buy the newest games.

The move was met with severe criticism within the gaming community. Arguing that the strategy could be used to confuse customers, Reddit user /u/Voievode said:

Normally I wouldn’t assume the worst, but it’s Amazon we’re talking about here. Gamers get their games through digital distribution platforms/nerd-oriented shops, that way they’re usually much cheaper. My guess is that the core group of Amazon’s customers is most likely not exactly young anymore and buys games mainly as gifts, though maybe some of these people are simply full-blown casuals, too. Amazon is probably just feeding off of the gullible people who are too lazy/ignorant to look for alternatives.

After the backlash from the event, Amazon, again without any announcement, removed the Prime requirement. This, of course, was met with praise, with KiA user /u/deadlyhabit said:

Free market and capitalism at work.
Amazing how simple that can be when they face a loss of profits and customers to competitors.

However, this change didn’t last. Just as immediately as the Prime requirement was removed it suddenly reappeared, with even more games under Prime exclusivity, such as the Vita version of Corpse Party. After this, KotakuinAction user /u/H_Guderian said:

Playasia is laughing their butts off at this, I assume. All they have to do is announce they’re selling exactly what they were gonna sell anyways. Somehow a retailer selling what they say they will is becoming muscled out.
Screw Amazon.

After this, we reached out to Amazon for comment, and they have yet to respond.

If you do not have a Prime membership and still want to buy games from the site, you can purchase them from third-party sellers on the product’s page by looking at the Other Sellers list.

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