Social Autopsy Kickstarter Suspended

The “anti-bullying” Kickstarter known as Social Autopsy has been suspended by Kickstarter after the project came under heavy criticism for issues with its website. While we have no information on why the Kickstarter was suspended, it was most likely because of violations against Kickstarter’s terms of use. On r/KotakuInAction, the move has been praised, after the community criticized the site as a tool for harassment and doxing. User /u/DoctorBleed responded with:

Well, that didn’t last long. It’s almost like a site created entirely for doxxing people is a really, really bad idea.

Support continues to pour in on KiA, with /u/Bhaldund_Ahldankasyn attacking the website, saying:

Doxing, the website. How did this even leave the conceptual design phase?

User NixonForBreadsident also chimed in, replying:

Online bullies trying to dox innocent people have their revenue shut down?
I guess their idea worked after all.

A user named Ridkey also chimed in, saying that the site was:

so damn dystopian, it could be a plot point in a cyberpunk novel.

On Twitter, similar thoughts were echoed. Here are some reactions to the Kickstarter’s suspension on the social media site:

GOOD NEWS! @socialcoroner has had their fundraising suspended. May all bad ideas die such deaths. -@wizardofcause

Meanwhile, Social Autopsy and its sister site Degree180 have been trying to defend each other, and telling people to look at their CEO’s twitter. The only problem, really, is that her account is private and you can not read any tweet she has written.

To clarify, Social Autopsy is our CEO, @Candace_Amber’s project. Are you guys reading her tweets? -@TheDegree180

Social Autopsy and Degree180’s CEO, Candance Amber, has a private twitter account despite Degree180 saying to go to her for answers.

As of the posting of this article, Social Autopsy has yet to make a public comment about the suspension. We will update the story with more info as it becomes available.

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