Anti Bully Kickstarter, Social Autopsy has Antisemitic Index Page

While doing research into Social Autopsy, a Kickstarter campaign aimed at capturing comments and actions of people online deemed “harmful” by random submitters, we came across some Antisemitic imagery on the sites index page.

An Index page is typically one of the first pages that you create for a web page and is usually the access point at which users can view your site, as a web development standard. Worse still is these images coincide with the time frame of other test images upload to the site. While searching the unsecured back end of the site, we were also able to fine multiple pictures of Hitler time stamped with other test images of the site, even one of Jewish mass graves in concentration camps.

It is not totally 100% known at this type how the submission process works or if it is monitored, but as it stands right now, the hosting of said images combined with the way they are label brings up some extremely troubling questions.

As of time of posting while investigating the sites backend, the site has shut down.

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