Ex Nintendo PR Alison Rapp Linked to Moonlighting as an Adult Escort

Last week we reported on Alison Rapp being fired from Nintendo for moonlighting in an unnamed career. When thoroughly investigated it seemed that Rapp was involved in work that was risque’ in nature, with many photos being shared on a public twitter account used to represent the company she worked for. Since then, many sources have reported to Gamertics that the nature of the work was far more adult in nature then previously thought, which could have some serious ramifications on Nintendo of America’s PR and hiring structure and processes.

Originally Gamertics was sent a selection of sites and files from a concerned industry source that wanted verification on a number of outward listing sites containing a number of illicit images of what now appears to be Rapp, advertising for escort services. It is important to note that, currently, it is highly illegal to solicit services of an prostitute in the greater Seattle area of Washington, and has been a growing problem for a number of years. Adult Escorts get around legal barriers on technicalities, putting the lawful responsibility in the hands of the “John”, which makes prostitution laws hard to enforce.


It appears that Rapp has been going by the alias “Maria Mint” on several sites, including mariamint.com, careful not to show her entire face, but still being identified by her EXIF image data on several accounts Rapp owns and clear depictions of her nose ring and tattoos. Shortly after requesting comment from Rapp, a number of sites affiliated with the information critical to said investigation were removed or made inaccessible, but thankfully were previously archived.

One of Rapp’s profiles located at GFE Monkey states:

Grad-educated and bi; let’s talk about work, love, life, what makes us feel good, the fall of capitalism, etc. GFE, travel and more…

The profile lists a number of services such as “$2500 **Weekend: Give yourself a two-day sensual staycation.” The site goes as far as to rank her services from “one out of five” with Rapp receiving a 2.2. The Twitter attached to said page has also been removed but archived. Similar services were also listed on Eros.com, which closed quickly after investigation. From information and times indicated on these sites, we find that Rapp most likely was engaging in this line of work for nearly two years.

As of posting Alison Rapp had over 48 hours to give comment, she has chosen not to do so.

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