Blizzard Taking Down the WoW Nostalrius Private Server

Activision Blizzard recently took legal action against last week, against Nostalrius, a World of Warcraft vanilla version server group, which saw to recreating the the original experience of World of Warcraft for free. Over the years Fans have become disenfranchised with the MMO, leaving to staggering loses in the subscriber base. At this time Activision Blizzard does not list the number of subscribers anymore, a steep contrast to the company’s passed advertising campaigns in which they would boast high subscriber numbers to show a thriving product.

As stated by PC Gamer, the server group was “[…]arguably, best private server,” available to those that wanted to experience the game in its prime. As of yesterday, April 10th, the server have been shut down, to the dismay of the nearly 150,000 active users. A petition has since been established, reaching nearly 64,000 signatures.

Popular Youtuber, Jon Tron expressed his dismay last night as the servers were being laid to rest, stating:

Nostalrius was the first time in a long time that I felt like I was playing the World of Warcraft that I love.

Users on Reddit and Twitter have related this to a string of bad PR moves such as the incident which happened last week, surrounding a pose in the company’s up coming title, Overwatch, or degrading comments made by panel members at Blizzcon as noted in the video above.

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