Dota Community Laments Copyright-Infringement

Valve recently introduced the Custom Game Pass to the Dota 2 market. The Custom Game Pass allows gamers to pay for premium user-generated content within the MOBA client. As noted by PCgames N, 48 hours after the system’s announcement and implementation, the Reddit community members found quite a number of assets infringed from other games. The thread has the creator of the mod defending his use of other Workshop users’ content as well as crusader boots, found to be the property of World of Warcraft characters. The defense of taking artwork from other content creators also calls into question the ethical standards and practices when other artwork such as the Frozen Yoroi Warrior are submitted without any credit given to the artist.

Frozen Yoroi Warrior by EasRay via Steam Workshop

The Dota 2 community, trying to avoid a legal battle with Blizzard, were quick to point to the relevant sections of the Steam subscriber agreement, which covers intellectual property rights in the digital world, but this was quickly shot down by other users as a misrepresentation of the agreement and law. It’s highly likely that some of the older Dota 2 fans remembered Valve and Blizzard’s initial war over the Dota 2’s name and are not interested in a repeat of history.

In a show of good faith, the creator of the Roshpit Champions mod removed all content that was deemed infringing to regain the trust of the community. As one of the highest profile games to be attempted with the new modding system, there is a lot for the community to look forward to. Having each of the content creators accredited for their work, while keeping potential legal troubles at bay via community self policing, will be a positive for future community creation in Dota 2. With so much at stake, many modders are heavily invested in a positive outcome.