Hulk Hogan Wins Huge Court Case Against Gawker Media

Terry Boella, better known as Hulk Hogan, has won his lawsuit today against Gawker media to the tune of $115 Million. $55 million for economic injuries and $60 million for emotional distress. Gawker, who had released a two minute segment of a secretly recorded sex tape featuring Hogan in 2012, was found guilty of violating Hogan’s privacy in posting the segment on their website for all the world to see.

The Jury has yet to decide if they will award punitive damages which will be discussed Monday, the damages against Gawker could total well over 400 million dollars in total damages to Hogan. However Gawker promises to appeal. Florida Law will require Gawker to post a bond for 50 million dollars to begin the appeals process.

Photo taken by Splash News

Gawker has raised concerns and questions how this will effect free speech, and how disastrous this might be for the press. In a 2013 quote by Nick Denton;

[…]invasion of privacy has incredibly positive effects on society.

This highlights one of the many defenses Gawker has invoked during the course of the trial to defend it’s actions. Other defenses offered by Gawker include that Hogan may have been fully aware he was being recorded, however evidence has not come forward to prove this at the time of writing.

Joshua Wiitala


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