Bravely Second has Been Massively Censored: Confirmed

Bravely Second, which has been dealing with rumors of mass censorship for the past two months, has had the rumors confirmed via Neogaf. The thread details a massive list of cuts, but by no means all the cuts, that the game went through in the localization process.

The cuts came as a shock to many fans who have been wait around a year for the game’s western release. Notably, its censorship of the games limited edition art book, which was noted as “Orwellian” in nature, as it touches on one of the purest forums of art.

Example of Limited Edition Art Book, Left: Original Release, Right: Western Release

Other drastic cuts include:

  • “White Washing” Native American Characters changing them in to “Cowboys”.
  • Removal of all Non-Neutral side quest outcomes.
  • Any choice that would cause a character to die or be removed from the game.
  • Removing 3 of the 4 outcomes of the game, which included voice acting.
  • Alterations to Character Costumes that where deemed to “skimpy”.

As word and rumors started to spread, Bravely Second has now been associated with the Twitter Hashtag ” #TorrentialDownpour” which has picked up popularity because of it association with Fire Emblem: Fates, another game that suffers from extremely poor localization, which anger fans this month.

There has been no official word as of writing from the localization company Binari Sonori as to why these sweeping changes took place.

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